Fun is a Feeling

Fun is a Feeling

Charla M. Curtis

Heas korras kõvade kaantega värviliste illustratsioonidega ingliskeelne lasteraamat. 32 lk.

A child discovers that the joy of life comes from within and that attitude is all-important. Refreshing rhymes and inspiring illustrations encourage us to discover the fun hidden in life's experiences -- and to treasure all our feelings. Fun is a feeling we bring to life, not what we buy in the marketplace -- an important lesson for all "children". The joy of being alive travels on the sparkling stardust flowing through each luminous illustration.

Fun isn't something or somewhere or who:

It's a feeling of joy that lives inside of you.

The next time you're bored, make a smile from your frown.

Just stand on your head and you've turned it around.


Hind: 29.00 EUR /15.00 EUR

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