Tales from the Dragon's Cave: Peacemaking Stories for Everyone

Tales from the Dragon's Cave: Peacemaking Stories for Everyone

Arlene Williams

Vähekasutatud ingliskeelne lasteraamat. Kaanel kulumisjäljed, sisu korras.
Pehmed kaaned, 160 lk.

Each of these twelve original fairy tales illustrates an aspect of conflict resolution. In her new collection of fairy tales, author Arlene Williams uses an unlikely group of characters to teach children nonviolent ways to solve problems. Dragons do not sound like natural peacemakers, but then it seems that we've misunderstood dragons for a long time. They are gentle souls at heart, and who would know better about resolving problems than creatures who have been enmeshed in conflict since the beginning of myth?

This book has been required reading for every young dragon for centuries. Now, it is available to 21st century human children, too... those very children who have been raised on a diet of media gore and violence. Dragons have been there, done that. They know violence doesn't work. Even better... with this book, they show us what does.

Using fairy tales for lessons, the dragons guide the reader through "A Dragon's Path to Peace." It's a four step process: building self-confidence, improving communication, encouraging cooperation and using problem solving techniques to find the solution where everyone can be a winner.

This collection of twelve stories is enjoyable just for the stories themselves. But by combining the proven principles taught by professional conflict mediators with engaging characters in original settings, Ms. Williams is presenting a powerful teaching tool for home, school or church.

The book has been enthusiastically reviewed by many national peace education/conflict resolution groups and contains a foreword by the Co-Founder of the Creative Response to Conflict program in Nyack, New York. A resource list of conflict resolution organizations is included at the back of the book.


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