Tales of Spirit, Tales of Light

Tales of Spirit, Tales of Light

Arlene Williams

Kasutatud ingliskeelne lasteraamat. Kaanel kulumisjäljed, raamatu ühel nurgal muljumisjäljed.
Pehmed kaaned, 149 lk.

Enjoy tales of dragons, whales, and magical marionettes, as well as enchanted beings such as a sapling girl, a waterfall spirit, a guardian of the forest, and even a mysterious window boy. A collection of twelve mystical stories for older children and adults, similar in tone to Fairy Tales for the New Age by the same author. They range in subject matter from the story of a boy who longs to talk with trees to that of a girl looking beyond death to the light of her grandmother's spirit.


Hind: 26.00 EUR /10.00 EUR

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