The Ultimate Brain Collection (7 CD)

The Ultimate Brain Collection (7 CD)

Tom Kenyon

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Increase your creativity and mental abilities with this innovative training program for both the brain and mind. "Mind Gymnastiks" users report enhanced creativity, clarity of thought, increased awareness of subtle perception, and improvements in overall brain performance. It contains BioPulse™ frequencies from 1-30 Hz (delta, theta, alpha, beta, and k-complex).

"Freedom to Change" is a unique psychoacoustic support program for addiction recovery, self-esteem, eliminating self-sabotage, and dealing with emotional overwhelm, as well as with grief and loss. Based upon the pioneering work of Milton Erickson, M.D., and the psychoacoustic tonal matrices of Tom Kenyon and Acoustic Brain Research, Freedom to Change gently imparts resources that transform lives. This CD contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the alpha-delta range (10-4 Hz)

Luxuriate, rest, and relax by just listening to this psychoacoustic program. Containing three ultra-relaxing tracks, “The 22-Minute Vacation” is a guided relaxation program that takes you on a rejuvenating fantasy vacation in just 22 minutes. “The 24-Minute Nap” guides your brain into a refreshing state of rest in just 24 minutes. And “Sweet Delta” is a low-delta, sleep-inducing track that extends your nap into a restful sleep. Contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the mid-alpha to low-delta range (10 Hz-l Hz). Give the gift of relaxation to yourself or someone you love.

Experience the opening heart with the ancient mantra So Ham — believed by yogic tradition to be an inner sound of the heart chakra. Beautiful vocals with deep harmonic passages make this an evocative listening experience. This CD contains BioPulse™ frequencies in the mid-high range of theta (5-7 Hz).

"Experience the deeply relaxing "acoustic brain massage that is generated by "Deep Relaxation and Healing". Specifically created to produce profound states of theta activity in the brain, "Deep Relaxation and Healing" is ideal for pain and stress management, the exploration of theta states, and as a tool for psychonavigation and self-healing. This CD contains BioPolse theta frequencies (5-7 Hz).

"Activate the Holographic Mind" produces a very powerful altered state of consciousness through the use of theta state. Sixteen different voices all sing simultaneously, creating complex geometries of perception. It is used for generating experiences such as fantasies, dreams, visions, and for psycho-navigation (the use of altered states to go backward or forward in time, explore past memories, and enter into other realms of consciousness).

"The Ultimate Brain" series is a culmination of over twenty years of research and recording. It features many of the most useful programs from the Acoustic Brain Research Library—programs that have benefited many individuals over the years. May they also help you to develop your creativity and intelligence, improve your problem-solving abilities, decrease stress, and increase your sense of wellness.

"The Ultimate Brain" is designed to give you everything you need to begin the fascinating journey of increasing your creativity, intelligence, sense of wellness, creative problem-solving abilities, and other resources that are inherent in your nervous system. But remember, "The Ultimate Brain" is an ever-evolving process, not an endpoint. No matter how intelligent and creative you become, you can always be more resourceful and more powerful in your life. "The Ultimate Brain" is a potential for each of us. It is up to you how far you take it. In my twenty-three years of working as a psychotherapist and brain researcher, I have seen true miracles occur in people’s lives as a result of changing how they used their brains. Research clearly shows that we can build new neurological connections, function at higher levels, and develop new mental and emotional abilities at any age. No matter what your situation in life may be, or what you think your mental and emotional limitations are, know that your brain can change—and when it does, so does your experience of life. When it comes to our brains, the smallest changes can make extraordinary differences. I can honestly make you this promise. Use The Ultimate Brain for the next month or two and you will be absolutely amazed at the positive changes that will occur in your life, all because your brain will be performing at a higher level. Years of experience have taught me that our brains like to be challenged; they like to learn new things, and although it isn’t scientific to say this—I think our brains do better when they are happy. And like happy people, a happy brain is a good thing.

Tom Kenyon


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